Decisions, Decisions: Market your business but from which platforms?

When Robert Frost was faced with choosing two roads diverging in the woods, little did he know how relatively easy his decision would be. He carefully deliberated over only two paths before wisely deciding to take the one less traveled. If he were a business owner in today’s marketing environment having to decide which platforms to use and how to optimize his marketing budget, poor Mr. Frost would have likely worked himself into a tizzy.

In today’s marketplace, the number of platforms and technologies to choose from can be overwhelming. To maintain a viable online presence is a challenging, multi-faceted task. The rate of technological change seems exponential. As a full-time professional in this business, to stay on top of this continually updated world and every changing options are even a challenge for me. I just attended NY Market Expo as a guest of Constant Contact and there was a plethora of new technologies, products, and platforms.

Here are a few of my finds.

Vipeline – Users can capture or upload video content to your “vipeline” in real time.

Likeable Local – Social media management system with industry-specific content that automatically posts to your social networks. – Ready-to-post industry-tailored content for small attorney and CPA firms
CUContent – Membership platform that provides an incredible amount of content from over 20 categories, specifically for Credit Unions.

Digital marketing presents an ever-shifting . Today’s marketers must be flexible and adaptable.

Initially establishing a web presence is only first small step. A highly ranked website, one that actually generates leads, needs nurturing and care. A highly ranked website has plenty of useful, timely, relevant, original content that is continually refreshed and updated. And this can be exceedingly challenging for the small business owner. Heck, it’s even challenging for an agency such as ourselves.

Faced with these multiple platforms, businesses, with their resource constraints, must make hard decisions about where to spend their time and resources. From my experience, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Choose fewer places, and do them well, and only as many as you have the time to maintain. If you decide that, for your target demographic, a blog would be best, make it a blog that people truly look forward to reading. One my clients, author and speaker Trainer Joe (aka Joe Stein), writes great blogs that I can’t wait to read before I post them. They are researched, well written, and always include a sense of humor.

What choices have you had to make with time and budget constraints?