What’s your marketing platform?

Your marketing platform is the “place” where your voice is heard, shared, and talked about. Is anybody listening? Is your platform adding customer value? Is it worth the customers’ time? Building an effective platform takes concerted planing, proper implementation, and the ability to adjust and adapt. Effective inbound marketing requires content. Likely, a potential customer [...]

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What do you picture for your new business?

As a new business, you are in the fortunate position of having a blank canvas to create the image of how you want your company seen. No baggage, no pre-existing connotations as to who you are and what your brand stands for. During this early window, you are able to define yourself instead of having [...]

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Content that gets found

Even though search engines don’t disclose their ranking signals used in its algorithms, they have offered valuable guidance of their perspective of a site that has “high-quality” content. In many respects, it is the same criteria that an instructor would use to grade a research paper. High-quality sites are the “A” papers, papers with substantive content that [...]

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