We are passionate. We are passionate about solving problems in unique, creative ways. In short, we believe in doing the unexpected, that’s what gets you noticed. And we do it across all mediums and marketing channels. We integrate the fundamentals of traditional outbound marketing with the most cutting-edge inbound marketing technologies. E-voke offers clients a well rounded, strategically sound, thought provoking approach to all aspects of marketing.


We believe in motivating people through emotion. To get people to believe what you believe. To make the emotional connection between people and companies who share the same beliefs, thus creating loyalty and passion. You gotta have passion.


“I have been working with Evoke Marketing for over 2 years now with a great deal of success. When we first met and assessed my business needs Julie created a clear path and focus of steps necessary for a more modern approach for image, advertising and marketing.  The first and primary step was a complete overhaul of the website which was over 6 years old.  One of Evoke’s strengths is a keen eye for visual design and layout creating an agreeable experience for the on-line viewer.  Our ‘first impression’ was now polished and professional.  And it was consistent throughout every platform.

The website is brilliant. And it is easily changed, updated and refreshed which is an important consideration for a flexible business.  Evoke also updated our logo. We now have a clean and easy to read logo which is bright and memorable.

Working with Julie and Evoke is a delight. Phone calls, emails and texts are quickly returned with detailed information.  All told, my business would not be as successful as it is now without the assist and support of Julie Kaye and Evoke Marketing.”

October 2017
Bill O’ Connor, Hot Yoga Burlington

Julie Kaye began her illustrious career as partner/owner at a promotion agency (IMC) in NJ developing national promotions for Fortune 100 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, Colgate-Palmolive and American Standard. Julie spent the last 10 years building her own business developing marketing communications for small businesses and nonprofits. Her passion to deliver relevant, ground-breaking marketing is rivaled only by her desire to exceed every clients’ expectations.

Content Writer, Peter Kaye has been providing behind-the-scenes marketing communications and online copy to Evoke Marketing for over 10 years. As a former educator, attorney, Law Review Editor, Peter’s attention to detail and penchant for accuracy has increased awareness and business for Evoke clients. He is a stickler for detail, garnishing our clients with the most professional image. With an understanding for search engine science, Peter is able to help clients get “found” online organically through fresh, relevant and oft-times humorous copy drizzled with the appropriate usage and placement of keywords.

IT Support, David Calderwood gathers and uses search engine metrics in ways that provide longevity and increased traffic to websites. David offers years of experience in setting up websites, providing hosting and troubleshooting myriad issues that inevitably arise. His advanced search engine optimization (SEO) program is designed to boost clients’ business and meet their sales goals. As a GoDaddy PRO, David provides website hosting that is backed by the resources of GoDaddy’s Pro program with benefits such as 24/7 site monitoring. David’s vast experience and knowledge is critical to helping Evoke build and maintain the most attractive and effective websites.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.” – Anne Frank”