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With more than 30 solid years in marketing communication, printing, public relations and small businesses, I have pretty much done it all. And if I haven’t, I know someone who has. Which means, whatever your needs/problems, I will find a solution. I am a life-long entrepreneur who enjoys creating and building businesses and helping clients fulfill their business dreams.

I have developed national marketing communications programs for Fortune 100 companies and have helped hundreds of small businesses and non-profits start up and grow. I do it fast. I do it right. And I do it on budget.


After discussing where you want to go and what you want to achieve with your business, using my experience and relationships, I map out a course for you to get there. I am dedicated and committed to helping you grow your business in a realistic timeframe and within budget. Yeah, it’s nice to dream of what you could accomplish if only you had an unlimited budget. Certainly, my job would be easier. But that’s not reality, and candidly, what’s the challenge with that? My excitement comes from developing a plan that maximizes your resources, whatever they may be.

I’ll do all of the behind-the-scenes support work get you up so that you can devote your energies what you do best, running your business. Most of my clients aren’t marketing pros, and those who try soon realize it’s an expensive learning curve. These days, businesses face a complicated landscape to reach their target market. The answers aren’t easy — especially if you don’t even know the questions! I’m here to show you the ropes.

What makes me an expert to help guide you on your journey? Through my in-depth, forever-evolving expertise, I have come to know the terrain, the shortcuts, and the best route forward.