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There’s a reason we don’t simply call ourselves ‘Evoke Marketing.’ That’s because creative is a big part of what we do.  And that is one of the biggest differentiators between what we do and what other marketing companies do. Why is creative so important? Because people, by their very nature, are driven by emotion and the only way to create emotion is through thought-provoking, emotional creative design. It is scientifically proven that facts and figures are not what motivate people to act. ‘Feeling something’ motivates them. We start with a strong strategic grounding, understanding what makes your customers tick, what they respond to, what motivates them, and we build from there. With strong strategy comes a strong appeal.  And with strong design comes an even stronger following.


We reach people. We connect with them. We make the emotional connection between companies and people who share the same beliefs, creating loyalty and passion. We make sure you have a strong presence where your clients/customers are looking. And we do it across all mediums and marketing venues: website design, advertising, media planning, social media and email marketing.

Here’s how:

  1. We create mind blowing marketing strategies combined with relevant, cutting edge branding and creative that stand out and deliver a consistent message across both traditional and electronic marketing venues.
  2. Then we connect, and boy do we connect, by beginning with the most important piece of your marketing platform, your website. We build out from there…creating engaging content, blogging, using social media, e-newsletters, implementing SEO strategies, and more.
  3. Finally you collect. You collect names, email addresses, followers, tweeters, bloggers…an entire community listening to you, talking about you.
  4. And most importantly, you convert, you convert these leads into sales.
  5. And continue. Unlike years past where a marketing landscape changed very little year over year, in today’s market, it changes daily. That is why our process is a continuous loop of improvement, improving your content, your message and your brand.

“The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others happy.” – Robert Green Ingersoll.