Your brand image is all about how you are ‘dressed’. Fashion changes over time as popular culture, attitudes, and lifestyles change. We are naturally drawn to and stimulated by newness and the sense of excitement it brings. In a very real way, your brand image is how you are “dressed” and the visceral response evoked from your outward appearance makes all the difference. Is your brand image giving off the right vibe? Is it in sync with today’s customers and what they want?

Inevitably, for a brand image to stay current, it periodically needs some polishing and tweaking. The “same ole same ole” can be stodgy, tired, and downright invisible. An outdated image negatively affects how you are perceived and it’s critical to remain current and relevant. The typeface you choose, the color palette you use, your website design and its mobile compatibility, the style of photography, and a host of other design elements represent your business. To stay current, you have to keep pace with marketplace changes.

Not only must you stay current in your outward appearance in marketing design, it is equally important to be forward-thinking in your marketing strategies and be adaptable to ever-changing consumer preferences. And we’re not talking about dinosaur-era marketing like being the first listing in the Yellow Pages. That’s the stuff of ancient history. We’re talking about recent, just-turned-the-corner changes in marketing strategies. Just within the last two years, the marketplace has broadened from inbound marketing and platform building to now include demand generation and consensus marketing. Successful businesses must adjust to this rapidly changing world of consumer behavior. There is an entirely new paradigm of how potential customers look for the services and products they need, what factors influence their buying decisions, and how they locate and decide whom they want to do business with.

Every business owner should periodically take a look in the mirror and ask themselves two key questions about their marketing effectiveness: Can customers quickly and easily find me or is my competition pushing me out, taking front and center stage? And after customers find me, will they connect with my branding image and like what they see? If you’re not happy with either answer, perhaps it’s time to make some changes that will energize and reinvigorate your business.

So, what are the variables you should consider when updating your brand?

It is important to keep your core values in tact but rebranding can be accomplished through many avenues whether it’s the typeface of your logo, or altering the color scheme, or even giving your graphics an updated look.

If you already have an existing website, we can develop a customized and optimized WordPress “brochure” website. We can take the existing content and revamp it for today’s environment. We create websites with a highly professional, strategic and emotional theme to attract more customers to you.

Whether you have an existing social media campaign or are in need of one, we can create or review your Facebook, Linked In and Twitter and re-design all header and profile elements. We would then develop a consistent social media strategy on major social networks. We give you the tools, training and strategies behind each for you to continue to create on your own.

Review current email marketing platform and create graphics and images to accurately represent company brand, create custom newsletter and announcement templates.

Design of company brochure for print and online distribution as well as sales sheets.

Develop a marketing plan that focuses on building your business for your target audience.