This is what your company stands on. The place where your voice is heard, shared, talked about. Is anybody listening?

Before deciding what to purchase and from whom to buy, today’s customers look for general, objective information: what are their options and the pros and cons, what’s the range of costs, what do experts as well as other purchasers recommend. Assist and facilitate customers in that process by offering solid information, and you’ll start building a relationship and customer trust.

The focus of inbound marketing is “earning” new business rather than “buying” customers through traditional advertising (now distinguished as “outbound” marketing) like print ads and direct mailings. You want customers to find you using organic search results; customers are directed to your Web presence because you have the information that they are looking for. Unlike traditional advertising, you can’t “buy” customers by paying more money to be “louder” than your competition.

Effective inbound marketing requires content.

Likely, a potential customer will click on a few sites. But they’ll stay with you if they like your site’s look and feel, if it’s fast and easy to navigate, and it has good content. And good content is well written, thoughtful, worthwhile, actionable, and unbiased. Throw up sales-oriented fluff or a few lines of poorly written generic content, and those customers will go elsewhere. With inbound marketing “content is king,” and SEO tricks and strategies will only get you so far. Good content shows customers that you know your “stuff,” you take pride in your business, you care about your reputation in the community and the products and services you offer, and, you have the customers’ best interests at heart. There’s no magic to the inbound marketing formula.

What’s your marketing platform?

Your marketing platform is the “place” where your voice is heard, shared, talked about. Your platform is your customer interface and represents you. Is your platform adding customer value? Is it worth the customers’ time? These are tough questions to be asking, but they’re also critically important ones.

E-voke Marketing can build the right platform for your business!

We start by analyzing and optimizing your company’s platform to make it enticing and attractive to customers. We then develop a strong, cohesive inbound marketing strategy by regularly publishing fresh, relevant, share-worthy content (i.e. blogs, podcasts, videos, optimized press releases, webinars, case studies, white papers, eBooks and articles) that give you the ability to boost your search engine rankings, generate inbound links, and drive website traffic by bringing value to online communities. To get something, you have to give something. And inbound marketing is no different.

The Details: What we can do for you to implement and maintain an effective marketing platform for your business:

  • Manage and write/revise blog content
  • Develop social media plan and schedule
  • Develop email capture and auto responder program that targets leads
  • Development and writing E-books and/or whitepapers
  • Track, measure and analyze campaign activities


  • Measure and use analytics to adapt campaigns and programs
  • Bump with traditional marketing efforts
  • Refine/revise website
  • Measure and adapt social media ad campaigns


  • Develop a PR program to share milestones, success stories, and important ongoing communications that gets out your name and provides an important connection with the products and services you offer
  • Write press releases and distribute both online and in print media


  • Engage paid and organic activities that help website’s search engine ranking, drive visitors and generate leads