How important are reviews to your business?

Whether you consider them fair or unfair, online reviews posted by customers (and, unfortunately, others such as disgruntled former employees) can affect your brand and the reputation that you worked so hard to build in profound ways. Today, potential customers like to do their own research. It’s easy to jump on the Internet, and in [...]

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How to follow-up gracefully from a trade show or convention

I’m one of Constant Contact’s most vocal cheerleaders, using their services for a majority of my clients. There is nothing that can beat a highly targeted email marketing program. Recently, my Constant Contact business partner representative asked me to give a marketing presentation at the NY Market Expo (#MKTNY).  What an exciting, education- packed, well-run [...]

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Maximize word-of-mouth referrals

I’ve probably walked by Via 45 in Red Bank a thousand times, but never gave much thought about eating there. I have preconceptions of Italian cuisine as heavy, carb-based dishes that need to be loaded onto your table with a forklift. I enjoy healthful, light, fresh, aesthetically pleasing foods. Discovering a new restaurant that fits [...]

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Marketing training convention takeaways

I recently attended a marketing training conference on a proprietary website platform for a service-providing client who has successfully built a sophisticated, content-rich website that has been generating an increasing number of leads along with exceptional conversion rates. I vigilantly update this client's site with local, fresh content that relates to each of the multitude [...]

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Market your business but from which platform?

Decisions, Decisions: Market your business but from which platforms? When Robert Frost was faced with choosing two roads diverging in the woods, little did he know how relatively easy his decision would be. He carefully deliberated over only two paths before wisely deciding to take the one less traveled. If he were a business owner [...]

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